Nettle And Pancetta Sauce

Nettle And Pancetta Sauce

Alpe Magna is a Trentino culinary heritage born on the Simonetto Carni company's expertise through time.

Two powerful and decisive flavours come together in this sauce to create a totally flawless symphony of flavour.


It goes well with short and wrinkled pasta as a first dish, but it also works well as an element in savoury pies, pies, or served warm on a toasted bread crust.

Heat in a little amount of extra virgin olive oil or cooking water.
  • Fresh milk, 20% nettle, 18% smoked bacon (pork, salt, sugar, spices, flavourings), fresh onions, extra virgin olive oil from Italy, rice flour, sunflower oil, butter, sea salt, natural flavours, spices. WITHOUT THE ADDITION OF PRESERVATIVES AND GLUTEN. More information may be found on the product label.
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