Who we are

Onelivery is a CO2-free delivery platform providing last-mile deliveries to local businesses and consumers. The platform was conceptualised at Imperial College Business School. When building the platform our team had the following goals in mind:

  • Create an eco-friendly delivery system
  • Connect local stores and online shoppers
  • Create a one stop delivery platform

Onelivery's vision is to enable small businesses with leading-edge technology to continue selling their products to consumers without disruption. Providing online shoppers, a unique experience.

Cartoon graphics of a group of Onelivery employees high-fiving

Meet the team behind the dream

Onelivery's team is composed of industry experts and software engineers working together to support local business:

  • Portrait of Onelivery co-founder Adriano Goncalves

    Adriano Goncalves

    Imperial College - MBA
  • Portrait of Onelivery co-founder Vasileios Lekkos

    Vasileios Lekkos

    Imperial College - MBA
  • Portrait of Onelivery co-founder Yuki Matsuda

    Yuki Matsuda

    London Business School - MBA