Who we are

Onelivery is a CO2-free delivery platform providing last-mile deliveries to businesses and consumers. Our powerful hand-crafted software allows users to stay in full control of their order.

Eco-conscious deliveries made easy.

We offer customers a greener and cheaper delivery service, enabling customers to choose from a range of green and sustainable delivery options.

Our solution helps to reduce the environmental impact of last-mile deliveries, and ultimately make the world a greener and more sustainable place.

Our mission

Onelivery's mission is to provide clean last-mile delivery services cheaper than combustion vehicles.

Our goal

We are well on our way to reaching our goal of reducing 1 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Image of rider's handlebar showcasing the Onelivery app

Meet the team behind the dream

Onelivery's team is composed of industry experts and software engineers working together to support local business:

Portrait of Xiang Li

Xiang Li

Imperial College - MBA
Portrait of Onelivery co-founder Adriano Goncalves

Adriano Goncalves

Imperial College - MBA, BSc Software Engineer
Portrait of Onelivery co-founder Vasileios Lekkos

Vasileios Lekkos

Imperial College - MBA
Portrait of Onelivery co-founder Dimitrios Efthymiou

Dimitrios Efthymiou

MSc Software Engineer
Portrait of Onelivery co-founder Kevin Hadji-Rahim

Kevin Hadji-Rahim

BSc Software Engineer, Machine Learning
Portrait of Carl Mendes

Carl Mendes

BSc Computer Science
Portrait of Karim Moti

Karim Moti

MBA, Digital Transformation, Harvard Business Analytics