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£2.99 *excl. VAT

Available postcodes:
SW1, SW3, SW5, SW7, SW10

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For customers

Save time with our convenient curb-side pick-up.

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For businesses

Keep your business running with our fast hourly delivery.

Onelivery is 100% eco-friendly. Check out our services!

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Have us collect your goods

Onelivery will bring the shopping from local retailers to your doorstep. If you live in a flat or building, we will take the stairsteps for you.

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Send a parcel locally

Onelivery will collect the goods and have the last-mile delivered to your customer with no minimum order quantities or contracts to sign.

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Express pick up for customers

Buying goods locally?

Onelivery will bring your shopping to your doorstep.

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Sending a gift to your loved ones?

Onelivery will collect from retailers and deliver to your address.

green tick icon Flowers green tick icon Handbags green tick icon Accessories

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Express drop-off for business

Need to dispatch an order?

green tick icon We will collect the goods from your business green tick icon Onelivery delivers to your customer green tick icon No minimum order or quantity

Sending parcels within your business?

green tick icon Securely send parcels, laptops, chairs green tick icon Exchange inventory between stores green tick icon Keep your business moving

How does it work?

Pick-Up for customers

Buy from your favourite store locally and we will bring the goods to your doorstep.

  • Step 1
    Purchase goods locally
  • Step 2
    Place an order on
  • Step 3
    Goods delivered to your doorstep
Drop-Off for businesses

Sell your products and we will deliver them to your customers.

  • Step 1
    Retailer receives new order
  • Step 2
    Place an order on
  • Step 3
    Customer receives goods at home

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Order from your favourite store
  • green tick icon Find your local store online
  • green tick icon Simple checkout
  • green tick icon Delivery in minutes

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Integrate with your business
  • green tick icon B2B integration
  • green tick icon Grow online sales
  • green tick icon Fast delivery integration

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